Tattooed Mystery: San Diego County Sheriff’s Cold Case Team Reveals 1985 Borrego Springs Homicide Victim’s Ink

San Diego County’s Cold Case team is seeking assistance in identifying a murder victim discovered in Borrego Springs almost 39 years ago. The victim, found along State Highway 22 in 1985, was wearing blue jeans and a light pullover top, with no identification on his person. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition, making identification efforts challenging at the time.

With the case remaining unsolved for decades, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Cold Case Unit has revisited the investigation in hopes of finding new leads. The team has enhanced the tattoos found on the victim’s body, including a distinctive tattoo of a wolf howling at a red moon with the word “life” or “wife” next to it. In addition, the victim had tattoos on his right arm, one bearing the name “Linda” and another with the word “Gypsy” followed by an illegible term.

Detectives are releasing these enhanced images of the tattoos for the first time, hoping that someone may recognize them and provide crucial information in identifying the victim. The cold case detectives emphasize the importance of solving such cases for the families of the victims and for justice to be served. They encourage anyone with information to come forward and assist in bringing closure to this long-standing mystery.

Efforts to identify the victim have been ongoing, with Detective Sean Snow expressing determination in seeking justice. The team is urging anyone who may have details related to the case to contact the Homicide Unit or Crime Stoppers to provide anonymous tips. By sharing these enhanced tattoo images publicly, the cold case team aims to generate new leads and potentially solve this decades-old mystery.