Teen Arrested for Fatal Stabbing at Sleepover: Sheriff Releases Photos of Murder Weapons

Wildwood, Florida – A tragic incident unfolded during a sleepover in Wildwood, Florida, where a 16-year-old teen allegedly stabbed a 15-year-old boy to death and injured an adult victim. Alexander Warren Hernandez, the suspect, has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder in the death of Connor Michael Gill, along with charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and armed burglary.

The heartbreaking events occurred around 10 pm on Saturday, June 1, when Hernandez reportedly arrived unannounced at Gill’s sleepover and forced his way into the residence, where the fatal stabbing took place. The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office reported that the suspect attacked both the juvenile victim and a third victim, who came to inspect the situation and was also stabbed by Hernandez.

Emergency services responded to the scene and provided immediate medical treatment to the victims before airlifting them to nearby hospitals. Unfortunately, Gill succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead around 1:19 am. Hernandez, who was known to the victim, fled the scene on foot but was apprehended later that evening.

Undersheriff Pat Breeden shared in a video on the Sheriff’s Facebook page that Hernandez had ordered the murder weapons online just days before the attack, unpacking and playing with them before walking nearly 6 miles to the residence. Breeden emphasized that the incident was a premeditated and targeted attack, and the suspect was arrested while still in possession of the weapons.

Authorities noted that both the victim and suspect were no longer attending Sumter County Schools and were being homeschooled. While a motive for the attack remains unclear, Breeden mentioned that additional charges may be filed as the investigation progresses. He concluded by emphasizing the violent and premeditated nature of the tragic incident.