Teen Stabbed and Hospitalized in Brutal Times Square Attack by Group of 20 People

New York City, NY – A disturbing video recently emerged showcasing a vicious attack on a teenage visitor in Times Square, leaving the victim hospitalized after being stabbed. The 17-year-old had been enjoying the iconic tourist spot with his friends when a group of strangers confronted them, escalating into a violent assault. The footage, obtained exclusively by local news outlets, captured the horrifying moment when the victim was grabbed, thrown to the ground, kicked, and ultimately stabbed in the back by more than 20 assailants.

The teenager, who resides in a migrant shelter in Queens, sustained injuries that required medical attention, including stitches for the stab wound. Despite the ordeal, he is expected to recover from the attack. Law enforcement sources revealed that the victim has no prior record of trouble, and acquaintances described him as a good individual who did not deserve the brutality inflicted upon him.

In response to the incident, authorities took seven individuals into custody, with six of them facing charges related to the assault. Reports indicate that several of the suspects are residents of migrant housing, underscoring a pattern of violence involving such individuals in Times Square. The former NYPD Chief of Department emphasized the importance of maintaining safety in the city’s popular tourist hub, declaring a zero-tolerance policy for those who engage in violent behavior.

This latest assault marks the third violent episode linked to migrants in Times Square this year, further raising concerns about public safety in the area. Following the attack, the Times Square Alliance issued a call for accountability, urging the criminal justice system to hold the perpetrators responsible for their actions. The ongoing search for additional suspects underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for swift justice to ensure the well-being of visitors and residents alike in one of New York City’s most iconic locations.