Teen Violence and the Gilbert Goons: A Timeline of East Valley Tragedies and Investigations

PHOENIX, Arizona – Allegations of teen violence and the emergence of a possible gang called the Gilbert Goons have rocked the East Valley in recent months, following the death of 16-year-old Preston Lord. The FBI has become involved in the investigation, shining a light on the scope of youth violence in the area.

Lord, a student at Combs High School, was attacked outside a Halloween party in Queen Creek and later died from his injuries. This tragic event led to allegations of a connection to the Gilbert Goons, a group of affluent teenagers linked to a string of violent assaults in the East Valley.

The investigation into Lord’s death prompted the Queen Creek Police Department to make progress after receiving hundreds of tips through the FBI. Charges were submitted against seven suspects in the case, including both adults and minors. Additionally, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is facing a lengthy review process due to the extensive amount of evidence in the case.

Meanwhile, the Gilbert Police Department has reopened four cases of teen violence, including attacks that were previously unreported. Police are working to determine whether the Gilbert Goons can be classified as a criminal street gang under Arizona law.

The Gilbert Town Council has taken action to address the increasing teen violence by creating a subcommittee to handle the issue. In connection with the violent attacks, police have announced several arrests of individuals linked to the Gilbert Goons. Furthermore, the public has been asked to help identify suspects in other youth violence cases, as the investigations continue.

In summary, the East Valley has been shaken by allegations of teen violence, the emergence of the Gilbert Goons, and the death of Preston Lord. The investigations and efforts to address this issue are ongoing as law enforcement works to bring justice to the victims and their families.