Teen Violence: Gilbert Goons Gang Investigation Continues in Arizona

GILBERT, AZ – The Gilbert Police Department has announced that they are currently investigating eight cases of teen violence, with some potentially linked to a group called the “Gilbert Goons.” This announcement comes as the department reopened four cases and received four new reports related to these incidents. Additionally, online tips have been instrumental in aiding the investigation, according to authorities.

There is a serious effort to determine whether the “Gilbert Goons” can be classified as a criminal street gang under Arizona law. If classified as such, it could lead to more severe charges for the suspects involved in the East Valley teen violence cases. The potential classification of “Gilbert Goons” as a criminal street gang has been a topic of discussion in the recent True Crime Arizona podcast, particularly in relation to the Preston Lord investigation.

The Gilbert Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit is collaborating with various law enforcement agencies, including the Arizona Gang & Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM), to identify individuals associated with or linked to the “Gilbert Goons.” The department’s increased patrols in areas frequented by teens, such as the SanTan Village Mall and the Heritage District, aim to ensure the safety of the community.

The issue of teens being attacked in the East Valley gained attention following the tragic assault of 16-year-old Lord in a Queen Creek neighborhood. The subsequent submission of charges against seven suspects, both adults and children, by the Queen Creek Police Department has further heightened concerns about teen violence in the area. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will review these referrals to determine potential charges.

Anyone with information related to these cases is encouraged to contact the Gilbert Police Department or submit tips online. The department is urging the community to play an active role in enhancing public safety and addressing these concerning incidents.