Teller County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Explosion at Parcel Mailbox

FLORISSANT, Colo. – The Teller County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating an explosion at a parcel mailbox south of Florissant. The incident occurred at the intersection of County Road 11 and High Chateau Road near Wrights Reservoir. This explosion resulted in the destruction of four oversized parcel mailboxes. The United States Postal Inspection Service has been alerted, with authorities not believing the explosion to be part of a parcel delivery. The Teller County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Renee Bunting, stated that this type of incident has never occurred in the county to her knowledge.

Law enforcement officials have determined that the explosive was not sent through the mail, as the keys were still in the mailbox when it detonated. According to Bunting, the responsible party could be facing both federal and state charges. Four Mile Fire Protection District Chief, Christ Hawkins, has confirmed that his department was not called to assist in the incident. Due to the mailbox structure, the explosion did not pose a fire concern, regardless of the season.

According to community resident Vicki McDaniel, the situation was disturbing and unsettling. The United States Postal Service has also emphasized the severity of mailbox tampering or vandalism, highlighting that it is considered a federal crime due to mailboxes being federal property. Those convicted of destruction of a mailbox, federal property, could face up to three years in jail and be fined up to $250,000. As the investigation continues, officials are urging the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious mailbox activity to the Sheriff’s Office.

In conclusion, this incident has raised concerns in the community and posed a potential threat to federal property. The authorities are continuing their investigation and seeking public cooperation in reporting any further suspicious activities related to mailboxes.