Tennessee Teen Tragically Killed Day After Graduation: Suspected Shooter Claims Gun Unloaded

Franklin, Tennessee – A tragic incident unfolded in Franklin, Tennessee, as 18-year-old Lily Basil lost her life in a fatal shooting just one day after celebrating her high school graduation. The suspected shooter, Matthew Roufail, claimed he was unaware that the gun he fired was loaded, leading to the heartbreaking loss of a young life.

Basil was struck by a bullet from a rifle in the right shoulder and was rushed to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, where she was later pronounced dead. Roufail, also 18, was taken into custody at Williamson County Medical Center following the incident.

Authorities charged Roufail with criminal homicide in connection to Basil’s death. Despite his claim that he thought the AR-15-style rifle was unloaded, the tragic outcome of his actions led to devastating consequences for Basil and her loved ones.

Witnesses reported seeing Roufail shoot Basil with a .22 caliber rifle, further detailing the events that unfolded on that fateful night. The police investigation surrounding the incident continues as authorities work to uncover the full extent of the circumstances leading to Basil’s untimely death.

As the Franklin community mourns the loss of Basil, friends, family, and school officials remember her as a kind, respectful individual. The Principal of Page High School, where Basil had recently graduated, paid tribute to her spirit, noting that her smile had the power to light up any room she entered.

In the wake of the tragedy, memorial services are being planned to honor Basil’s memory. A funeral service is scheduled, and members of the community are invited to participate in a “Light the Night Memorial” event to celebrate the life and legacy of Lily Basil, a young life extinguished too soon.

The heart-wrenching loss of Lily Basil serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence in communities across the country. As the investigation into the circumstances of her death continues, loved ones grieve the loss of a bright, promising young soul whose presence will be deeply missed.