Terrifying Crime at Costco: Woman Dragged Behind SUV in Robbery Attempt

INDUSTRY, California – A 37-year-old woman was hospitalized after she was dragged behind an SUV during an attempted purse snatching at a Costco in Industry, CA on Sunday evening.

The incident occurred around 6:40 p.m. as the woman was putting items into her car in the parking lot. Two suspects approached her and attempted to take her purse. Despite their efforts, the woman held onto her bag, leading to her being dragged for a distance of 40 to 50 yards behind the suspect vehicle. It is believed that the vehicle involved in the incident was a dark-colored Infiniti QX60.

Detective Miguel Meza stated, “When our victim realized these individuals were taking her purse, she tried to stop them and grabbed it. That’s when the vehicle sped off and dragged our victim 40 to 50 feet on the ground.”

Initially, the victim was in critical condition, and her prognosis was unknown due to the severity of her injuries. However, she has since stabilized and is now listed as stable.

Authorities are currently searching for the two suspects, although no description has been provided. This incident bears similarities to another crime that occurred in August, where a 75-year-old woman was dragged through a parking lot while holding onto her purse during a robbery.

The cost of personal safety is an ongoing concern, and incidents like this continue to highlight the need for increased vigilance in public spaces. Consumers are advised to remain cautious while in parking lots and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

This recent incident serves as a grim reminder that criminals will stop at nothing to steal personal belongings, even resorting to violent measures. The victim’s perseverance in holding onto her purse demonstrates the importance of self-defense and personal safety awareness.

There is an ongoing investigation into this incident, and authorities are encouraging anyone with information to come forward. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department encourages anyone with information that may assist in identifying the suspects to contact them.

Instances of purse snatching and theft continue to be a cause for concern, particularly in crowded areas. Despite increased police attention and security measures, it remains crucial that individuals remain vigilant and take precautions to protect themselves and their belongings.