Tourists Brutally Attacked at NYC’s Grand Central Terminal

NEW YORK, NY – In a shocking incident on Christmas morning, two teenage tourists from South America were brutally attacked at the Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The victims, aged 14 and 16, were dining with their parents at Tartinery in the Grand Central Dining Concourse when the assailant, identified as 36-year-old Steven Hutcherson, launched an unprovoked attack.

According to eyewitness accounts, the incident occurred around 11:25 a.m. Hutcherson, who has a history of mental health issues and multiple prior arrests, was reportedly involved in a dispute with restaurant employees shortly before the attack. When he turned his aggression towards the unsuspecting tourists, the employees attempted to remove him from the premises.

In a disturbing outburst, Hutcherson allegedly shouted, “I want all the white people dead; I want to sit next to the crackers,” before lunging at the teenagers. The 14-year-old girl was stabbed in the thigh, while the 16-year-old suffered a stab wound to her back, which nicked her lungs. The quick response of emergency services ensured that both victims were promptly transported to Bellevue Hospital by FDNY EMS for medical attention.

Later in the day, a hotel employee at the teenagers’ hotel reported that they were released from the hospital and were in stable condition. The incident has raised concerns about safety in public spaces, especially during the holiday season when the city sees an influx of tourists.

Hutcherson, who was apprehended by the authorities, faces multiple charges, including a misdemeanor for endangering the welfare of a child, assault, attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon. His criminal history reveals a troubling pattern, with 17 previous arrests and several instances where he was labeled as an “emotionally disturbed person.”

In one of his recent run-ins with the law, Hutcherson was arrested on November 7th for allegedly threatening to shoot a stranger in the Bronx. Despite not possessing a firearm during that incident, he was found with a knife. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of third-degree assault on December 12th and received a sentence of conditional discharge.

The handling of Hutcherson’s previous offenses has come under scrutiny, with law enforcement sources criticizing the reduction of charges and the leniency shown in his sentencing. The incident at Grand Central Terminal underscores the challenges faced by the city in dealing with individuals with complex mental health and criminal backgrounds.

As the investigation continues, Hutcherson awaits arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.