Tragedy Strikes: Family of Five Found Dead in Mysterious Circumstances in Kerala Home

Kottayam, India – Tragedy struck a family in the town of Pala, as a couple and their three young children were discovered deceased in their home under mysterious circumstances. The incident, suspected to be a case of murder-suicide, shocked the community of Akalakunnam.

A local autorickshaw driver made a grim discovery on Tuesday morning when he found Jaison Thomas, a 44-year-old native, hanging inside the house. His wife, Mereena, aged 28, was tragically found murdered with severe head injuries. Reports revealed that their three children – Jerald, Jereena, and a seven-month-old baby – were also found strangled to death in the home.

Neighbors of the family shared that Jaison appeared troubled in recent days, with an Anganwadi teacher recalling a meeting with the family just the day before. The couple, who had married out of love, seemed to have distanced themselves from relatives and neighbors, with little interaction in the community. Financial difficulties were mentioned as a possible factor in the tragic events that transpired.

Police were alerted to the situation by concerned neighbors and promptly arrived at the rented residence in Poovarani, Pala. It was revealed that Jaison had been employed as a driver at a nearby rubber factory, and a suicide note was reportedly recovered from the scene. The family had been living in the area for an extended period, maintaining a relatively low profile within the neighborhood.

The tight-knit community of Pala was left in shock and disbelief at the heartbreaking loss of a family that seemed to be facing internal struggles unbeknownst to those around them. The authorities have since launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy, hoping to shed light on the events that led to such a devastating outcome. As the community mourns the loss of five lives, questions linger about the factors that may have contributed to the family’s tragic end.