Tragic Mistake: Israeli Prime Minister Acknowledges Deadly Airstrike in Gaza City

Rafah, Gaza Strip – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a declaration on Monday regarding a fatal airstrike that took place in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, describing it as a “tragic mistake.” Reports from various outlets indicated that the airstrike resulted in the deaths of at least 45 individuals, prompting Israel to promise an investigation into the incident. This incident comes amid mounting pressure on Israel over its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

During a speech on Monday, Netanyahu referred to the attack as a “tragic error,” according to a translation by Israeli media outlet Haaretz. The Israeli Defense Forces conducted the attack in southern Gaza, hitting a camp where displaced Palestinians had sought refuge. The strike resulted in the deaths of 45 people and injuries to 200 others, with reports citing intense fires and charred bodies at the scene.

Israeli officials stated that the airstrike aimed to target Hamas officials and assured that civilians in the area would not be harmed. Despite Israeli claims that two Hamas leaders were among the casualties, reports from a doctor and the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry suggest that the majority of victims were civilians, particularly women and children.

International condemnation followed the airstrike, with the United Nations expressing deep concern over the deaths of numerous women and children seeking shelter in the area. The White House National Security Council also commented on the incident, describing the images of the strike as “heartbreaking” and urging Israel to take all possible precautions to safeguard civilians amid their offensive against Hamas.

The conflict in Gaza has reached the eight-month mark, with the death toll nearing 36,000 people, as estimated by the Hamas-led Gaza Health Ministry. Cease-fire negotiations continue, with Western officials pressuring Israeli authorities to halt their military actions in Rafah. Additionally, the United Nations highest court recently ordered Israel to cease its activities in Rafah and allow humanitarian aid into the Palestinian enclave.

In a separate event on the same day, Israeli and Egyptian forces engaged in a deadly exchange of fire near the Gaza-Egypt border, resulting in the death of an Egyptian security personnel member. The circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear, with both sides acknowledging the exchange and the Israeli Defense Forces indicating that an investigation is underway to determine the details of the clash.