Training at Camp James A. Garfield brings increased blast noise to Newton Falls residents and businesses

NEWTON FALLS, Ohio- Residents and business owners near Camp James A. Garfield Joint Military Training Center in Newton Falls should expect an increase in blast noise from the area as the Air Force Reserve conducts training involving explosives and hand grenades.

The training is scheduled to take place from Tuesday to Friday, and the nearby community members are advised to be aware of the potential increase in noise due to the exercises. The purpose of the training is to enhance the skills and readiness of the Air Force Reserve personnel, ensuring that they are prepared for any future operations that may require the use of explosives and hand grenades.

While the increase in blast noise may be noticeable, it is crucial for the public to understand that this is a planned and controlled exercise conducted by the Air Force Reserve. The training exercises are essential for maintaining the military readiness of the personnel and ensuring that they are fully prepared to address any potential threats or security challenges that may arise. As such, the local residents and businesses are encouraged to be cooperative and understanding during the training period as the exercises are conducted to enhance the safety and security of the entire community.

In light of the scheduled training, it is important for the public to be informed and prepared for the potential increase in blast noise from the Camp James A. Garfield Joint Military Training Center. Additionally, it is essential for the community to recognize the significance of the exercises in ensuring the readiness and capabilities of the Air Force Reserve personnel. By being aware and understanding of the training activities, the residents and business owners near the camp can contribute to the overall effectiveness and success of the exercises.