Trooper Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Black Motorist: Charges Dismissed

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Prosecutors in Hennepin County are set to drop murder charges against a white state trooper who fatally shot Black motorist Ricky Cobb. The decision follows a hearing in April where the officer’s defense team presented testimony suggesting that he believed Cobb was reaching for a firearm during the incident. This news comes as a shock to Cobb’s family and supporters, who have been seeking justice for his untimely death.

The fatal encounter occurred on July 31, 2023, when Cobb, 33, was pulled over by state troopers on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis. The officers attempted to arrest Cobb for allegedly violating a restraining order, leading to a confrontation that ended in his tragic death at the hands of Trooper Ryan Londregan. Dash camera and body-cam footage revealed that Cobb was shot by Londregan as he attempted to drive away from the scene.

Despite earlier charges of second-degree unintentional murder, first-degree assault, and second-degree manslaughter brought against Londregan in January, prosecutors now find themselves unable to proceed with the case due to lack of evidence. This abrupt turn of events has left Cobb’s family feeling disheartened and seeking alternative avenues for justice.

In response to the dropped charges, family attorney Bakari Sellers criticized the prosecutors, accusing them of being swayed by external pressures. Sellers expressed disappointment in the outcome, stating that the family feels let down by the legal system. With the trial now canceled, Cobb’s loved ones must explore other legal options to hold those responsible for his death accountable.

Furthermore, a federal lawsuit has been filed by Cobb’s family against Londregan and another state trooper involved in the fatal shooting. The lawsuit alleges that the actions of the officers directly led to Cobb’s death and highlights discrepancies in the officers’ handling of the situation. As the legal battle continues, Cobb’s family remains determined to seek justice and closure in the wake of this tragic loss.