Two-Year Prison Sentence for Bradford Man After Brutal Pub Assault and Home Invasion

Bradford, England – A man was sentenced to two years in prison after a violent altercation that left another man with severe facial injuries, including multiple fractures and permanent scarring. Gavin Thorpe, 39, of Bradford, attacked the male victim following a confrontation at a local pub and later at a residence.

The incident began on the evening of December 21, when Thorpe visited The Drum Winder pub in an attempt to speak with his estranged girlfriend. When she declined his invitation to talk and chose to stay with another man, the situation quickly escalated. Thorpe punched the man, causing him to fall to the ground, before he abruptly left the venue.

The violence continued shortly afterward when the couple retreated to the woman’s flat for medical attention for the man’s injuries. Thorpe followed them, forcibly entered the residence by kicking down the door, and launched a second, more severe attack. This assault resulted in the man falling onto a bed as Thorpe continued to hit him.

A security guard at the flat intervened after noticing the man’s serious injuries and promptly called for medical help. The victim was rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary, where a CT scan showed that he had sustained multiple fractures including to his skull base, right cheekbone, nose, eye socket, and jawbone.

The seriousness of the injuries required surgical intervention, involving the insertion of three metal plates to reconstruct his facial structure. This operation has left permanent, visible scars on the victim’s face.

Thorpe was apprehended by authorities the following day and was later charged with actual bodily harm and section 20 wounding. During the trial, he pled guilty to both charges. His defense mentioned that Thorpe recognized the relationship with his former girlfriend was over and expressed readiness to move forward as a single man.

Judge Colin Burn, presiding over the case at Bradford Crown Court, described Thorpe’s actions as a “completely unprovoked attack” on a “blameless man.” Judge Burn highlighted the excessive violence and duration of the assault as reasons why a more lenient, suspended sentence could not be justified under the circumstances.

In addition to his prison sentence, Thorpe was issued a 10-year restraining order, strictly prohibiting any contact with the victim. This measure aims to prevent further harm and to facilitate the victim’s recovery process, both physically and psychologically.

This incident raises broader questions about the measures in place to prevent such violent confrontations and addresses concerns regarding the safety of individuals involved in personal disputes, emphasizing the need for early intervention and support mechanisms in volatile situations.