Unbelievable: Jealous Ex-Girlfriend Tries to Burn Sleeping Couple Alive

Memphis, Tennessee – A 20-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with an alleged attempt to set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s bed while he and his girlfriend slept, along with their baby. Derica B. Wiggins was taken into custody on Friday and is facing multiple charges, including aggravated arson, setting fire to another’s personal property, reckless burning, and aggravated assault.

A probable cause affidavit indicates that on the night of March 1, 2024, authorities responded to an emergency call regarding a fire at a residence in the 6100 block of Park Grove. Firefighters quickly extinguished the flames, and all three occupants, including the man, his girlfriend, and their baby, escaped unharmed.

The female victim reported waking up and hearing what she believed to be someone attempting to light a lighter outside the bedroom where she slept with her new boyfriend and their baby. She noticed someone peering into the room through the door crack but assumed it was one of her boyfriend’s siblings and went back to sleep. However, shortly after, she awoke to find the comforter on fire.

The boyfriend managed to put out the flames and confronted Wiggins in the driveway. Security footage was captured by a Ring doorbell, showing a woman who appeared to be Wiggins entering and leaving the residence on the night of the fire.

Although no injuries were reported, the bedroom suffered smoke damage, and the comforter was significantly burned. Wiggins is currently in custody at the Shelby County Jail, held on a $150,000 bond. Wiggins is scheduled to appear before a judge on Tuesday.

Law enforcement authorities have not identified the victims involved in the incident. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has not provided additional information regarding the case.