Unleashed carnage: Dogs wreak havoc at car dealership, causing $350,000 in damages

In a shocking and expensive incident, two unidentified dogs wreaked havoc at a car dealership in Houston, Texas, causing up to $350,000 in damages. According to security footage obtained by the New York Post, the dogs treated the cars as chew toys during three separate visits between November 6 and November 18.

The dealership, still reeling from the destruction, had five vehicles completely torn apart by the mysterious canines. The incident has left employees and customers shaken, with many now hesitant to leave their cars unattended. “You just never think a dog has the kind of power to tear up a car like that,” shared Gaby Fakhoury, the dealership manager, with ABC 13. “Nobody wants to leave their cars anymore. They want to make sure they get straight into the office. They’re so scared.”

Finance manager Imran Haq initially believed the damage had been caused by a wolf rather than two strays. However, the Houston Police Department indicated that there isn’t much they can do unless the dogs pose an immediate threat to individuals. “They are saying they cannot do anything until these dogs hurt someone,” Haq explained.

Surprisingly, the security footage initially captured a cat, which the dogs were likely trailing when they entered the dealership. As a result of this incident, authorities have advised businesses to fortify their premises to prevent stray animals from gaining access. Despite the presence of a surrounding fence, the dogs managed to infiltrate the dealership, further highlighting the severity of the situation.

While the motive behind the dogs’ destructive behavior remains unclear, one cannot help but wonder if their actions were somehow influenced by the current high national average interest rates for car loans. With rates as high as 6.63% for new cars and 11.38% for used cars, perhaps the dogs were lashing out against the financial strain faced by car owners.

The Houston dealership’s staggering losses highlight the need for improved security measures and animal control programs in the area. Until a resolution is found, customers and employees will have to navigate their way through the fear instilled by these destructive canines, who seem to enjoy nothing more than tearing cars apart.