Urgent Manhunt in Albany as Police Search for Gunman Following Deadly Daylight Shooting

Albany, N.Y. — A frantic search is underway for a gunman after a daylight shooting in Albany left a young man dead, sending shockwaves through the community. Authorities are on high alert following the incident that occurred during Tuesday’s evening rush hour, near a bustling Delaware Avenue intersection, intensifying concerns about public safety.

The Albany Police Department swung into action following reports of gunfire around 5:10 p.m. Responding officers discovered a 21-year-old male victim with multiple gunshot wounds beside his car. Despite immediate attempts to provide aid, the young man succumbed to his injuries. The scene unfolded in the parking lot of a local business, where the suspect reportedly fired 13 rounds.

Police Chief Eric Hawkins briefed the press, detailing that the shooting erupted after a verbal altercation between the victim and the gunman. According to Hawkins, the shooter, who was on foot, targeted the victim who was inside his vehicle with another occupant. After the gunman opened fire, the driver attempted to escape but ultimately crashed nearby.

The suspect, described as a lighter-skinned Black male, was last seen fleeing the scene on foot. While 13 shots were fired amid heavy traffic, miraculously no bystanders or the other car occupant were injured.

“It’s another example of a senseless act of violence,” stated an Albany Police spokesman. “These incidents underscore a disturbing inability to resolve conflicts peacefully in our community.”

At the time of the shooting, the area was crowded, and the violence has prompted officials to reevaluate safety measures. Sandra Fredricks, a local council member, condemned the act. “This sort of violence during rush hour is not only tragic, it’s utterly unacceptable. We must address the underlying issues,” Fredricks remarked.

Initially, authorities feared multiple casualties due to the chaos, but subsequent reports confirmed the deceased to be the sole shooting victim. The incident has sparked a broader discussion on community safety and conflict resolution.

In response to the shooting, Bishop Avery Comithier, founder of the anti-violence initiative Pastors on Patrol, attended the scene. He highlighted that while this incident appeared to stem from a personal conflict, it could also be indicative of more systemic issues such as gang violence, suggesting a need for community-based interventions.

Investigators are currently examining video footage to track down the gunman, as the Albany Police continue their search. “We are thoroughly reviewing all available leads and urge anyone with information to come forward,” Hawkins added.

Community members with information that could assist in the ongoing investigation are encouraged to contact the Albany Police Detective Division. For those wishing to remain anonymous, tips can be submitted online through the Capital Region Crime Stoppers website or via their P3 Tips mobile app.

As the manhunt continues, the Albany community remains on edge, hoping for a swift resolution to prevent further violence and restore a sense of security in the neighborhood.