Uvalde Mayor Resigns Amid Texas School Shooting Fallout and Health Concerns

AUSTIN, Texas – City of Uvalde Mayor Cody Smith has announced his resignation, citing health concerns and the need to focus on his well-being. This decision comes amidst speculation about the departure of the city’s police chief, following a controversial incident that occurred two years ago.

In a statement released on Monday, Mayor Smith expressed gratitude to the Uvalde community for their support during his recovery from unforeseen health issues. The timing of his resignation coincides with the anticipation of the police chief’s departure, adding to the uncertainty in the small Texas city.

The resignation comes on the heels of an independent report commissioned by the city, defending the actions of local law enforcement during a tragic event in May 2022. The report highlighted systemic failures in the response to the shooting incident at Robb Elementary School, where 21 lives were lost.

Uvalde City Council members are scheduled to convene to discuss the report in a closed session, following concerns about the mayor’s health. This meeting was initially postponed, but officials are expected to address the findings and implications of the report.

Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez also announced his resignation, stating that it was time for a new chapter in his career. Rodriguez’s decision to step down comes after the report found no wrongdoing by local officers who faced challenges during the school shooting incident.

The controversial report, authored by private investigator Jesse Prado, has stirred emotions among victims’ families and community members. The presentation of the report at a city council meeting sparked outrage and raised questions about the handling of the tragic event. Prado’s findings shed light on various issues that need to be addressed by the city and law enforcement authorities moving forward.

As the city grapples with the aftermath of the school shooting and the resignations of key officials, there is a growing sense of unease and uncertainty among residents. The need for transparency, accountability, and improvements in emergency response protocols has become a pressing priority for the community and local leaders.