Vernon County Sheriff Investigates Mysterious Loud Noises in Stoddard

STODDARD, Wis. – Mysterious loud noises resembling an explosion echoed through Stoddard over the weekend, prompting an investigation by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department. Despite initial descriptions from citizens, the sheriff’s office has stated that there is currently no evidence to support the occurrence of an actual explosion.

Vernon County Sheriff Roy Torgerson disclosed that a resident on Old River Road in Stoddard reported hearing two loud noises at approximately 7 o’clock on Saturday evening. Surprisingly, the sheriff’s department was only notified after information began circulating on social media platforms. This delayed response raises questions about the community’s ability to promptly report potential safety concerns.

Torgerson also revealed that the Stoddard Fire Department did not receive any calls regarding the unsettling noises. Despite the lack of reports, concerns about public safety still linger, leaving residents unsettled and uncertain about the potential source or cause of the mysterious sounds. This adds to the urgency of identifying the origin of the noises to provide reassurance to the community.

The sheriff reiterated that there is currently no indication of danger to the community, downplaying the seriousness of the situation. However, the lack of clarity and explanations surrounding the noises has fueled speculation and fear among Stoddard residents. With no substantial leads or evidence, the community remains on edge and eager for answers regarding the bizarre and unsettling events that unfolded over the weekend.

As the investigation unfolds, local authorities are urging anyone with information or insights into the source of the mysterious noises to come forward and assist in resolving this perplexing and alarming situation. The challenge remains in determining the legitimacy and potential danger posed by these unexplained occurrences, with citizens seeking closure and a return to peace and normalcy in their community.