Vigilantes Allegedly Lynching Truck Drivers Transporting Buffaloes in Chhattisgarh Temple Town

Raipur, Chhattisgarh – In a tragic incident just days after the NDA government’s election, two truck drivers from Uttar Pradesh were reportedly lynched by individuals believed to be “cow vigilantes.” The drivers were transporting buffaloes near the temple town of Arang in Raipur district when the attack occurred. Sadly, two of the victims, identified as young Muslim men Chand Miyan and Guddu Khan, lost their lives, while a third victim, Saddam Qureshi, survived but sustained injuries and is currently hospitalized.

The lone survivor of the attack recounted a harrowing experience, describing how a mob of 14-15 individuals assaulted them, resulting in the deaths of his companions. The survivor managed to escape by jumping off a bridge over the Mahanadi River. Reports indicate that the vigilantes targeted the truck under the suspicion that the drivers were smuggling cows. The incident, which occurred between 2am and 3am, was not addressed by authorities until an hour later, by which time one victim had already passed away.

Following the tragic event, Raipur Senior Superintendent of Police Santosh Singh confirmed that an FIR had been filed, though there is currently no conclusive evidence to categorize the incident as a case of mob lynching. Autopsy reports are pending. Meanwhile, a video featuring the barely conscious survivor in his hospital bed has circulated widely on social media, shedding light on the brutality of the attack.

In a disturbing trend, reports have emerged of similar attacks by cow vigilantes targeting trucks carrying animals for Eid-ul-Zuha in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The wife of one of the deceased victims, Guddu, who is pregnant, has been left in a state of shock since learning of her husband’s death. Despite these tragedies, it is essential to continue shedding light on hate speech and vigilantism to prevent further incidents of violence and discrimination in the future.

Authorities have seized the truck involved in the incident and placed the animals in an animal shelter. The injured survivor’s brother, Shoaib, described the horrific scene, detailing how the attackers continued to beat his brother even as he begged for water. As investigations into the lynching continue, it is crucial for law enforcement to ensure justice is served for the victims and their families.