Violence: At Least 350 Women Killed Since Sarah Everard’s Murder, Government Fails to Protect

London, UK – At least 350 women have tragically lost their lives since the murder of Sarah Everard, painting a grim picture of the ongoing epidemic of violence against women. These shocking figures were revealed by experts who expressed frustration with the government’s inability to adequately protect women, especially in the wake of Everard’s abduction and murder by a serving police officer.

Everard’s tragic death in March 2021 sparked nationwide outrage and highlighted the pervasive issue of violence faced by women and girls in society. Despite promises to address the crisis, campaigners argue that little tangible progress has been made and that women continue to be at risk.

The Femicide Census shared that the majority of the 350 women killed had some form of relationship with their assailant, further underscoring the issue of domestic violence and the concerning prevalence of violence against women by men they know. The statistics reveal a somber reality of the ongoing threat faced by women in their everyday lives.

In the aftermath of Everard’s death, a powerful vigil was held at Clapham Common, where thousands of women gathered to demand safer streets and an end to male violence against women. However, despite the collective outcry for change, the reality remains bleak with women still being victimized and justice often going unserved.

Addressing the systemic failures that have perpetuated these tragedies, advocates emphasize the urgent need for stronger police responses, improved prevention strategies, and societal shifts in attitudes toward violence against women. These calls for action underscore the critical need for comprehensive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of women across the country.

As lawmakers continue to grapple with the persistent crisis of violence against women, the voices of those affected by these senseless tragedies grow louder, demanding accountability and substantive change. The recent figures serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for concrete action to prevent further loss of life and ensure that women can live free from fear and violence.