VTA Platform Attack: Man Hospitalized After Unprovoked Assault

San Jose, California – A 45-year-old man was viciously attacked by a suspect wearing an armored vest on a VTA platform in San Jose Wednesday afternoon, leaving him with serious injuries, authorities reported.

The incident took place around 1:15pm at the Children’s Discovery Museum VTA Light Rail Station, where the victim was assaulted by a suspect identified as Andrew Perez in what authorities believe to be an unprovoked attack. The victim and the perpetrator were not acquainted, and the motive behind the assault remains unclear.

In a rare move, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office released a video of the assault, expressing their dismay at the brutality of the attack which resulted in significant harm to the victim. The footage shows the moment the assailant approached the victim, who was standing with his bicycle on the platform, and violently threw him to the ground before striking and dragging him.

Upon the arrival of deputies, the victim was found with severe injuries, covered in blood from his head to his torso, indicating the ferocity of the attack. Medical personnel treated the victim for a large gash on his forehead that required seven staples, as well as cuts on his elbow and wrist.

Despite the suspect fleeing the scene, law enforcement officers, with the help of witnesses and the San Jose Police Department, were able to locate and apprehend Perez at his residence near the VTA station. Perez was subsequently arrested and charged with offenses including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and is currently being held without bail pending a court appearance in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

The Sheriff’s Office expressed gratitude towards witnesses who came forward and cooperated with authorities, urging anyone with information regarding the incident to assist in the ongoing investigation. The victim, after receiving medical treatment, is reported to be in stable condition as the investigation into the assault continues.