Walking Tall Folk Hero’s Wife Exhumed After 50 Years in Unsolved Murder Case

ADAMSVILLE, Tennessee – The body of the late Helen Pusser, wife of folk hero and “Walking Tall” Sheriff Buford Pusser, was exhumed after more than 50 years. This unsolved murder has sparked new interest in the case that has haunted the small town of Adamsville, Tennessee for decades.

Sheriff Buford Pusser was known for his tough stance against crime and corruption in McNairy County, Tennessee, and his story inspired several movies. However, his life took a tragic turn when his wife, Helen, was found dead in 1967. Her death was initially ruled as a car accident, but suspicions and rumors of foul play have lingered for years.

In recent years, true crime enthusiasts and amateur sleuths have reignited interest in the case, prompting authorities to revisit the investigation. The decision to exhume Helen Pusser’s body came after years of advocacy by those who believe there is more to her death than what was originally determined.

The exhumation provides an opportunity for modern forensic techniques to be used in re-examining the evidence. It also brings a sense of closure to the Pusser family, who have long sought answers about Helen’s mysterious death.

While the exhumation itself does not guarantee a resolution to the case, it represents a step forward in seeking justice and understanding the truth behind the tragic death of Helen Pusser. The reopening of the investigation raises hopes that new leads or evidence may come to light, finally providing closure to the small town of Adamsville and the Pusser family.