Warning: New Safety Measures Implemented on Scafell Pike’s Piers Gill

Carlisle, England – Signage is set to be erected on Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, to warn visitors of a dangerous area known as Piers Gill. Over the years, incidents leading to accidents and fatalities have occurred in the treacherous ravine during the descent from the mountain.

In response to the multiple incidents, the National Trust and Fix the Fells conservation project have announced plans to implement safety measures at the Piers Gill junction and increase signage along the route. The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team has expressed concern over the tragic outcomes resulting from simple navigation errors in the extremely dangerous ravine.

Four deaths and numerous rescues and injuries have been recorded in Piers Gill over the past eight years, prompting the need for improved safety measures. The National Trust has detailed plans to construct a cairn on the descent path from the summit, as well as place a sign at the entrance of Piers Gill to alert hikers to turn back.

In an effort to prevent further incidents, large stones will be strategically placed at the crossing point of the ravine, ensuring clear visibility of the Corridor Route even in low light conditions. Additional information will be provided at popular starting points for hikers, such as Lake Head, Wasdale Green, and Seathwaite, to guide visitors towards a safer ascent.

Collaboration between Fix the Fells and local ranger teams aims to redefine the descent path, making it more visible and distinct from the well-trodden Piers Gill route. The National Trust has set a target to have all safety signage in place by the end of June to enhance the overall safety of hikers on Scafell Pike.

In conclusion, the efforts to improve safety measures on Scafell Pike demonstrate a proactive approach to preventing accidents and tragedies on the mountain. With a combination of increased signage, designated markers, and informational resources, visitors can navigate the mountain with more awareness and caution, reducing the likelihood of incidents in the future.