Atlanta Devastation After Atlanta Man Killed and Dog Stolen

Atlanta, Georgia – The family of Samuel J.R. Harris, who was tragically shot and killed while walking his dog Tequila, held a vigil in his honor at Charles L. Harper Memorial Park in Southwest Atlanta. The family expressed their devastation as they gathered from various locations, including Detroit and Cincinnati, to pay tribute to Harris in a candlelight vigil.

Harris was fatally shot while walking his dog, Tequila, on Mitchell Street in southwest Atlanta. Authorities believe he was specifically targeted and that the perpetrators also stole his beloved dog. His sister, Liz Robinson, emotionally expressed how Harris was loved by the community, and the vigil was a reflection of the impact he had on those around him.

Friends and family members shared fond memories of Harris, describing him as a person with an infectious laugh and a smile that would light up a room. The family is now desperate for answers and is pleading for the safe return of Tequila, offering a reward for any information that leads to the apprehension of Harris’ killers and the recovery of the dog.

To aid in their efforts, the family has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds that will contribute to the reward for anyone who helps bring Tequila home. They are also offering a substantial monetary reward in addition to the funds from CrimeStoppers for information leading to the resolution of this tragic incident.

The family is urging anyone with information to come forward and reach out directly to the Atlanta Police Department’s Homicide Unit. They have also provided anonymous ways to submit tips through Crime Stoppers Atlanta, emphasizing that the anonymity of the tipster will not affect their eligibility for the reward.

As they continue to seek justice and closure, the family remains hopeful that their efforts will bring them the answers they desperately need and will ensure that Harris’ memory is honored, and Tequila is returned safely.