Cut Your Tax Bill with Tax Loss Harvesting

You may be considering taking some losses this year, given the stock market’s performance this year. When you decide to do this, you are utilizing a process known as tax loss harvesting. When investments in a taxable account decline, it’s an excellent strategy to consider taking a loss, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. Tax loss harvesting involves selling investments in taxable accounts with paper losses so that investors can deduct those losses from their taxes when they file their returns.

Investing in bonds for retirement: Know the risks

If you ask the average investor where they should allocate their assets when approaching retirement, they might say bonds. This is not necessarily the best advice. In retirement or nearing retirement, many investors use retirement bonds. It is important to align your asset allocation in retirement with your individual objectives, even if bonds are part of your portfolio.

Adding Real Estate to Your Retirement Plans

Consider investing in real estate as a way to diversify your retirement savings. Property investments have advantages and disadvantages, along with different options to consider.
A retirement plan that includes real estate might include:

Retirement Rentals Can Be a Practical Solution

Having an affordable apartment in an affordable city can help you keep your retirement costs down and assist you with home maintenance. Most apartments are in walkable neighborhoods close to stores, restaurants, services, and entertainment. Renting can also be a great way to test out a potential retirement spot and move on if it doesn’t meet your needs. Although rental rates are rising nationwide, some desirable retirement locations offer affordable apartments. Listed below are the places that earned high rankings in the U.S. News Best Places to Retire 2022 list, where the median rent is less than $900.

How To Buy A Dream Retirement Home: 10 Tips For Success

No matter where you plan to retire, whether, in Costa Rica, Arizona, or Colorado, you’ll need a plan. Many retirees buy what they think is their dream home, only to discover that it doesn’t fit their new lifestyle. To make buying a home after retirement feel like a dream, follow these ten steps:

The IRS To Change Its Guidelines For Inherited IRAs

In February, the Internal Revenue Service proposed new rules for retirement accounts. A new 10-year payout rule for inherited IRAs was introduced in the 2019 Secure Act, which changed the rules on inherited IRAs. Previously, inheritors of an IRA, Roth IRA, or 401(k) could spread withdrawals over their lifetime.

How Profit-Sharing Plans Benefit Both You and Your Employer

Sharing wealth is a great way to motivate employees. Profit sharing is a popular addition to 401(k) plans, along with bonuses, raises, and other perks. Profit-sharing plans are employer-sponsored retirement plans that contribute pre-tax dollars to employee accounts based on the company’s profitability. Employees of the organization are eligible to participate in profit-sharing at the employer’s discretion. Profit-sharing plans combine flexibility with significant tax advantages for employers and employees and can be advantageous to both.

How to Manage Retirement on Less Money

Inflation can make retiring seem like a daunting task. Especially when your retirement funds are tiny. Read on for helpful tips to make your dollar last.