Bollard Hero Granted Australian Permanent Residency After Defending Shoppers in Sydney Mall Attack

SYDNEY, Australia – Australia’s Prime Minister made a generous offer on Tuesday to a French construction worker hailed as a hero for confronting a man responsible for a deadly stabbing rampage in a Sydney shopping mall. Damien Guerot, affectionately known as “Bollard Man” on social media, intervened by using a plastic bollard to deter the attacker and potentially saving lives in the process.

Originally slated to leave Australia when his temporary work visa expired in July, Guerot’s future in the country took a positive turn after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stepped in. Expressing his gratitude, Albanese assured Guerot that he is welcomed to stay in Australia for as long as he wishes, even suggesting the possibility of citizenship in the future.

Belinda Robinson, Guerot’s lawyer, disclosed that the Australian government had confirmed the granting of a permanent resident visa to Guerot. His act of bravery during the harrowing incident at the shopping mall garnered widespread praise, with officials acknowledging that the death toll could have been much higher if not for the actions of individuals like Guerot.

While the assailant targeted women during the attack, Guerot and a few others were quick to respond, minimizing the harm caused. Joel Cauchi, the perpetrator, injured multiple individuals, including a 9-month-old infant who tragically lost their mother in the chaos. Cauchi was ultimately neutralized by law enforcement.

In a show of bipartisan support, the opposition party also expressed a desire for Guerot to remain in Australia, with leader Peter Dutton endorsing the Prime Minister’s offer of citizenship. Reflecting on the incident, Guerot recounted the harrowing moments at the mall and his instinctual response to confront Cauchi alongside his friend.

Security footage captured Guerot’s valiant efforts, illustrating how he threw objects at the assailant in a bid to stop him. Despite the risks, Guerot’s actions exemplified courage and selflessness, earning him admiration and support from both political leaders and the public. As he navigates the aftermath of the traumatic event, Guerot’s future in Australia seems secure, with a pathway to citizenship potentially on the horizon.