Inheritance Scheme Unveiled in Horry County Murder-For-Hire Trial

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. – The trial of Samantha Rabon, who is accused in a murder-for-hire plot involving her father and half-brother, Robert and Robbie Ford, is set to resume Tuesday. The case has garnered significant attention as it unfolds in court.

During the previous day’s proceedings, Randy Grainger, the man convicted of carrying out the killings, took the stand to provide crucial testimony. Grainger recounted how Rabon allegedly orchestrated the murders by expressing a desire for her father and half-brother to be eliminated to secure inheritance money. He detailed how Rabon wanted the murders to appear as a robbery, even giving him her father’s gun to execute the plan.

Both Grainger and another co-defendant, Teresa Martin, testified that Rabon had promised a substantial sum of money in exchange for carrying out the murders. Martin, who pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact, awaits sentencing post-trial.

In further revelations, a detective shared evidence from Rabon’s cellphone search history during Monday’s testimony. The searches included inquiries on obtaining a passport quickly, the duration after a murder for phone searches, and the possibility of being a murder suspect without facing charges.

Prosecutors have maintained that Rabon meticulously plotted the murders for financial gain, while her defense team argues that she was merely venting frustrations to friends after her half-brother faced serious criminal accusations involving a minor.

The trial, which has captured the community’s attention, continues as more details emerge in this intricate case that has transfixed Horry County residents. As the legal proceedings progress, the intricacies of the murder-for-hire allegations and the emotional toll on all involved become increasingly apparent.