Israel Unrest: Biden Takes Aim at Settlers Attacking Palestinians with New Order

Washington, D.C. – President Joe Biden has recently signed an executive order aimed at addressing the issue of Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians in the West Bank. The order targets the unlawful seizure of Palestinian property and the destruction of their homes by the settlers.

This move comes as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to promote a two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The executive order also reaffirms the U.S.’s commitment to opposing settlement activity in the West Bank, which is considered illegal under international law.

Israeli settlements in the West Bank have been a major point of contention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as they are seen as a major obstacle to achieving peace. Palestinians and the international community have long criticized the expansion of settlements, arguing that they undermine the possibility of a viable Palestinian state.

The executive order represents a significant shift from the policies of the previous administration, which had been largely supportive of Israel’s settlement expansion. President Biden’s decision to address the issue of Israeli settlers comes as a part of his broader efforts to reset U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

The move has been welcomed by Palestinian officials and advocates, who see it as a positive step towards addressing the longstanding injustices faced by Palestinians in the West Bank. However, it has drawn criticism from some pro-Israel groups, who argue that it unfairly targets Israeli citizens.

In addition to the executive order, President Biden’s administration is also reportedly working on resuming aid to the Palestinians, which had been cut off by the previous administration. These steps indicate a renewed commitment to promoting a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and addressing the humanitarian crisis in the region.