Reedley Police Investigate Two Dead and Two Missing After Home Burglary Call

REEDLEY, Calif. (AP) – Reedley police are investigating a home burglary that has left two people dead and two others missing. The incident was reported by a family member who called the authorities around 9 a.m. on Saturday morning after discovering evidence of forced entry and several missing firearms at the home on the Church and Curtis Avenues.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found the bodies of a man and a woman in the backyard of the property. The identities and ages of the victims are still unknown, and the cause of their deaths is currently under investigation. Additionally, two other individuals who reside at the same home are also missing.

On Saturday night, a third victim, described as a white adult male, was discovered at the scene. The cause of death for this individual is still unknown, and the police are currently searching for 43-year-old Matthew Bonds, who is one of the missing individuals. Bonds is believed to be at risk due to health issues.

The Reedley Police Department is asking for the community’s help in locating Bonds, and they urge anyone with information about the case or Bonds’ whereabouts to contact them directly at (559) 637-4250.

This is an ongoing investigation, and the authorities are working diligently to uncover more details surrounding this tragic event.