2 Ways To Keep Up With Rising Inflation

Inflation is at a 40-year high. For those approaching or are resigned, it could thump an imprint in your wallet as of now. But, you can do something to address inflation and ensure you don’t reach a financial dead end in your great years. Numerous retired folks’ financial plans for their ideal retirement, however, don’t necessarily, in all cases, consider one component that could make a huge difference —inflation. As of January 2024, inflation hit …

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Real Estate And Retirement: Why 2024 Might Be The Right Time

Let’s face it, 2022 was not a great year for investors. The stock market plummeted 16%, including lots of dips into the bear market territory. Real estate fared a little better, and the median home price hit an all-time high before plummeting sharply as home buying shivered in a high-inflation, high-interest-rate climate.

How To Maintain Your Retirement Plan In An Uncertain Market

This year, retirees and investors nearing retirement are under stress. The inflation rate has soared to multidecade highs, equities have plummeted, and bonds, often a haven, have declined. One of the worst years in a century has been experienced by the typical portfolio consisting of sixty percent equities and forty percent bonds.