Affidavit Reveals Gruesome Details of Father’s Christmas Eve Murder by Son in Boonton Township

BOONTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. – A shocking affidavit has unveiled horrifying details surrounding the death of a father allegedly killed by his son on Christmas Eve in Boonton Township, New Jersey.

Gregory Meyer, 61, was found dead inside his residence on Christmas Eve. His 33-year-old son, Kyle, was arrested and charged with murder, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. The affidavit revealed that Gregory was killed in the basement of his home. The police report states that his mother was home at the time and heard her son and grandson arguing in the basement, followed by screams and then silence.

Upon discovering the gruesome scene, Gregory’s daughter promptly called the police. A bloody pole saw and axe were found near the body, while blood was also found in the basement and on the stairs leading up to Kyle Meyer’s bedroom. The family describes Kyle as suffering from recurring periods of delusions and extreme paranoia. According to a statement on a GoFundMe page, they believe he was “lost in the darkness of mental illness, alcohol, and drug abuse.”

The Meyer family’s heart-wrenching statement warns other families to take mental illness seriously and highlights the potential dangers of individuals experiencing delusions of paranoia. Despite the tragedy, authorities have assured the community that there is no ongoing threat and are not searching for additional suspects. However, they urge anyone with more information to come forward and contact the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. A detention hearing for Kyle is scheduled for Thursday at 11 a.m.

In summary, the community of Boonton Township, New Jersey, was devastated by the tragic death of Gregory Meyer at the hands of his son, Kyle, on Christmas Eve. The details revealed in the affidavit depict a harrowing scene, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals afflicted with mental illness and substance abuse. The family’s plea for awareness serves as a stark reminder of the importance of taking mental health issues seriously and seeking help when needed.