How to Resolve Differences in Retirement

When older couples break up, conflict is not always the cause, and something else is occurring. Couples are less likely to separate as they age, and every decade of marriage reduces the likelihood of divorce. Nonetheless, elderly individuals may not inevitably have an eternal love affair.

Want More Money and Benefits  from Uncle Sam  and Medicare

Marriage is made in heaven but lived on earth. Uncle Sam doesn’t make the latter any easier as you age. Social Security benefits began to be taxed in 1983. According to Kaplan, the taxation system is so bizarre that married couples with the same finances pay higher taxes than unmarried couples. There are two thresholds at which Social Security taxes kick in, with the applicable threshold being less than twice that of the threshold for an unmarried couple.
According to a new Washington University Law Review article, Federal Law punishes older couples who marry or stay married. If you encounter someone and fall in love during your golden years, you might be better off staying unmarried than getting married. Under current federal law, you and your long-term partner might be able to salvage your struggling finances by divorcing after 60 years of marriage.

Reduce Out of Pocket Medicare Expenses with Medigap

Medigap policies are additional insurance policies you can purchase if you have Medicare. These plans are intended to cover some of the costs not covered by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. A co-founder of Boomer Benefits, an insurance agency in Fort Worth, Texas, Danielle K. Roberts, says Original Medicare does not cover deductibles, copays, or coinsurance. Medigap policies could potentially save you thousands of dollars on medical expenses.
Medigap insurance is an integral part of health insurance, and it is important to understand what it covers, how it works, and when you should enroll.