Jealous Murders Fiancé in Horrific Crime that Shocks Neighbors

STOKE, UK – Friends of Alice Wood, a woman who was recently convicted of murdering her fiancé, have expressed shock and disbelief. Wood ran over her partner Ryan Watson in a fit of jealousy, dragging him more than 500ft with her car after a party in May 2022. The incident has left their community stunned, as those who knew Wood remembered her as quiet and not prone to anger.

Wood, once a promising student on the path to a masters’ degree at Cambridge University, reportedly had her future laid out before her. However, her life took a tragic turn after the fatal encounter with her fiancé, which led to her conviction for murder.

The couple had purchased a home together and seemed to have a bright future before the violent altercation that ended Watson’s life. Witnesses recall a night of celebration for one of Watson’s service users, culminating in the horrifying incident that cost him his life.

After dragging Watson along the road, Wood was arrested on suspicion of murder. During her trial, she claimed Watson had accused her of flirting with other men, leading to a heated argument. However, the jury found her guilty of murder after less than eight hours of deliberation.

As the sentencing approaches, feelings of sorrow and disbelief linger in the community. Wood’s actions have left a lasting impact on the loved ones of both the victim and the perpetrator. The tragic consequences of that fateful night continue to reverberate among those who knew the couple.

The sentencing judge suggested that Wood might face a life sentence, leaving both families to grapple with the devastating aftermath. The victim’s mother conveyed her anguish, stating that her son’s last moments were filled with fear and pain. Wood’s refusal to take accountability for her actions has only heightened the grief and pain experienced by those affected.

The horrifying incident serves as a reminder of the grave consequences of unchecked jealousy and anger, leaving both families and their community shattered by the heartbreaking loss.