Ram Attack Warning Issued by Behaviourist After Elderly Couple Found Deceased in West Auckland

West Auckland, New Zealand – Following a tragic incident on a rural property in Waitākere, where a ram was found with a deceased elderly couple, animal behaviorist Dr. Elsa Flint has issued a warning for people to exercise caution during the breeding season. The retired couple, in their 80s, was discovered in a paddock on Anzac Valley Rd.

According to police reports, the ram found in the paddock was aggressive towards people and had to be shot after confronting officers and injuring an individual. As investigations into the matter continue, Dr. Flint emphasized the potential dangers posed by rams during the breeding season, citing instances of fatal injuries caused by these animals through blunt force trauma.

Dr. Flint highlighted that rams can exhibit increased reactivity and territorial behavior during breeding season, urging people to avoid entering paddocks with active rams. She advised individuals to watch for signs of aggression such as hypervigilance, pacing, agitation, or purposeful approach. The expert cautioned that rams may charge suddenly and aggressively, emphasizing the importance of recognizing warning signs and staying vigilant.

Sharing a personal experience with her ram, Chino, Dr. Flint described how even seemingly gentle animals can become dangerous during breeding season. Rams may display unpredictable behavior, posing a risk to individuals in close proximity. Federated Farmers spokesman, Simon Cameron, noted the rarity of deaths caused by farm animals but highlighted the heightened volatility of animals during mating season.

Cameron stressed the importance of farmers and individuals alike being mindful of potential risks posed by farm animals, particularly during breeding season. The unfortunate incident serves as a somber reminder of the need for caution and awareness when interacting with animals in agricultural settings.